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Get ready for a whirlwind of adventure with our Graphic Legends Set

18th August 2017

Bursting with vibrant comic strip illustration, this action-packed set is waiting to be explored:

The Adventures of Robin Hood

England 1194. The poor folk of Nottingham find themselves at the mercy of the heartless, money-grabbing Sheriff. But deep in Sherwood Forest, rebellion is brewing. Join brave Robin Hood and his band of daring friends as they pit their wits against the Sheriff and his ruthless ally, Guy of Gisbourne. Swashbuckling thrills come thick and fast in this action-packed graphic legend.

The Adventures of King Arthur

With the Kingdom of Britain facing chaos, the mysterious Merlin takes the infant Prince Arthur into hiding. Many years later, the young boy is shocked to discover that he is the country's rightful ruler. Alongside his brave Knights of the Round Table, the newly crowned King Arthur must fight many battles to keep his kingdom intact. Swords, sorcery and epic quests come together in this action-packed graphic legend.

Available now for only £12.99 (worth £19.98). Order yours from your local Independent Usborne Organiser today or get in touch.

Please note - this special offer is not available in France, Italy or Spain due to fixed book price policy restrictions.